I 'm "Pole Doll AZUSA"

I learned Pole Dance at Nagoya,and was a one of a member of"Nagoya Gold☆Betty",the team as know as 1st team of Pole Dance Show&Pole GOGO at the To-Kai aeria.

From 2011 I came back to Hamamatsu to spread this Pole movement.
And now,I started teach basic classe.

Pole Dance Lessen

Beautiful like a Rainbow

My lesson has a importance in just enjoy your life with the Pole Dancing,from very bigger person too!
Starting to just have a fun and little by little,step by step try to Pole tricks and movement.
... I wish you enjoy in your color 


<Beginner & Basic >

  • Membership
                                                                Annual fee ¥5,000
Once in month  ...¥3,000
Twice in month ...¥5,000(1st time¥3,000 2nd time ¥2,000)
4times in month ...¥8,000 
  • Non-members

Once in a month ...¥3,500
Twice in a month ...¥6,000
4times in a month ...¥10,000

<Private Lesson>
2persons...¥3,000/45min/each other 
Basic class-¥5,500/45min

<Attention Please>
Cancel charge is 100%(to bank)

・Clothes etc...

Towel,T-shirts,Short pants,Drink
Barefoot or Heel with strap or Sneakers(indoor shoes only) 


Matsunami Building